Wire baskets – gabions are an ideal protection for erosive areas, for the regulation of river flows, for the protection of shores, roads, railways, forest and agricultural farms. Wire baskets – gabions are made of hexagonal mesh, which satisfies the quality according to the standard SRPS EN 10223-3: 2008. We make them from double-galvanized wire of various diameters and in the dimensions desired by the customer, and the standard dimensions are:

  • basket length 1, 2, and 3m
  • basket width 1m and height 0,5 i 1m

The most suitable material for filling baskets is the one that enables maximum filling of the ideal volume of baskets. Gravel and gravel whose pieces are larger than the eye on the basket armature are normally used. The shelf life in normal circumstances is 20 years. The use of wire baskets is better than concrete protective walls because the walls and bumpers of wire baskets are much more elastic and suffer from much greater soil dilatation.

It is very important to point out that gabion objects are significantly cheaper than concrete.

Wire baskets of all dimensions according to the project documentation of the investor

Terramesh gabions with tail