Vectra d.o.o. was founded on March 11, 1992 in Požega and is engaged in the production and sale of wire and wire products – universal mesh galvanized and plasticized, production of barbed wire, production of wire baskets – production of gabions, production of metal fence posts. In our range we also offer other wire products from renowned manufacturers of construction and craft nails of all sizes, galvanized wires, fired wires, light drawn wires of all sizes, rabbit knits, hexagon knits, chains for general use, reinforcement nets, schulz nets for floors and other wire products. .

Vectra d.o.o. is located in Požega, at the address Knjaza Miloša 95/3. You can get answers to all your questions regarding the production program by sending an email from our Contact page or by calling +381 31 714 299, +381 65 812 51 60 or +381 64 899 22 66